Brilliant event, thanks to all organisers, marshals, medics and mountain helpers.

Really tough but fantastically varied course.

And thanks to Arran, easily one of the most beautiful places on earth

Easily the hardest miles I’ve ever done, but also the most beautiful.


It was my first ultra and I loved it!

Hardest challenge to date but the support crews, marshals and staff were amazing, thank you all! …..feet are ruined.


Thanks for a superb weekend guys. You always put on epic events.

Thanks to all rat race crew for all your hard work. I had a blast.

Awesome weekend, still buzzin.

Thanks all for another memorable event!

This race was by far the most stunningly beautiful event I have ever done but my god it has broken me.

That second day was the single hardest thing I have ever done!

Absolutely top class event RR. Stand proud. I would if my legs would allow. Two breathtaking and contrasting days, tough terrain and being at one with nature. Seriously, this is going to be my new ‘must do’ and I’ll be bringing a few lads to taste some of the goat next year. Congrats to all, admin, marshals, medics especially the happy chaps on the summit, RD, route markers and mountain rescue.

Top top work. Thank you for letting me enjoy Arran in such a painfully stunning way.

Simon Small

Toughest event yet! Awesome weekend and the weather played ball for most of it.

Great organisation, marshalling and signposting as always.

It’s going to take a while for me to recover. I’ll have nightmares about the never ending bog on day 1 and the summit climb to Goat Fell on day 2!

The descents were bonkers too👍👏

David Ford

From Laura and myself… thank you SO MUCH to all the volunteers and marshals, you guys are awesome! And a big thanks to the organisers for (as has been said a lot) a brutal event which tested us to our limits.

SO chuffed to finish 😍 Arran you are beautiful, but an absolute BEAST! 😂

Alice Mchollan

Awesome weekend.

Thanks to all the staff, volunteers and especially the friendly faces of the mountain rescue staff and medics (and dog) sitting on top of Goat Fell in rain, mist and strong wind.

Michael White

What an awesome weekend!

Definitely the toughest event I’ve done, but what a stunning course.

Thanks to all the marshals, volunteers, base-camp staff and everyone involved.

Jan Stock

Another stunning event from Rat Race. The videos just keep pulling me in.

Arran was brutal but stunning. Fantastically well organised as ever.

Keep bringing the new ideas and many thanks for all the encouragement getting around.

Damon Carter

I’ve done a fair few ultras now and this beast was by far the hardest. The whole event is so well organised the volunteers are amazing. It was also really nice that the locals knew about the race wishing you look as you run past.

Thanks for another awesome weekend. Still brutal. Still worth it.

Great views from the top of Goat Fell.

Amazing course…

amazing organisation

..well done for a stunningly brutal event….

Incredible event, thanks for superb organisation!


I’ll second what Alice said. The whole Rat Race team worked endlessly. Route markers did a fantastic job. Marshals and pit stop crew were all topper. Brilliantly organised.

Pushed me to my limits. I’ll have nightmares about the final ascent!! A hard and very well earned medal!!

Loved the friendliness and camaraderie among fellow runners too 💖. Thanks everyone!

Laura McKay

Thanks for yet another amazing adventure and great memories. The staff and volunteers were awesome.

By far the toughest ultra I’ve done to date but so worth it.

Anthony Gladdish

Superb event, with a huge variety of terrain.

Everyone will remember the endless boggy marsh on day 1 and the literal climb to Goatfell summit on day 2. The rest was great too though, with some lovely coastal stretches and views. Full marks for those who set out the marker flags and tape keeping us on course and top top marks to the course designer for a properly challenging event. 😀

Ian Rowe

Best and hardest ultra run I’ve ever done.

Ian Rawlinson

Right up there as 1 of my best events BRILLIANT 👍

Tam Graham

Fab event, well marked, amazing volunteers and staff and a fantastic way to see the island!

Met some lovely people on an unforgettable weekend.

Off to find some solid bog free ground for a bit 🙂

Lynsey Chappell

Massive well done to EVERYONE who took part. Was a tough but incredible adventure. Ben Greene Thank you for a great weekend!

This race has the potential to become a real classic.

Laura McKay

First ever Rat Race – organisation and course marking were faultless, and day 2 course was stupendous. Can’t wait for another shot.

Robbie Drummond

Thank you rat race for putting on the most epic, toughest, energy sapping course imaginable! It was unreal!!

Also huge thanks to the staff and volunteers for keeping us going and feeding /helping us. Campsite was cracking and as always it was a good friendly bunch out there, Will be back!

Craig Hynd

I have some amazing memories of this very special place.


Ian Rawlinson